Lakewood / Long Beach Scooters Is a flagship scooter dealer for the LANCE scooter brand.

     The Lance scooter product line offers the most affordable scooters on the market without having to compromise quality and reliability. All Lance scooters are manufactured by Taiwan’s esteemed and prestigious SYM scooter factory that has been in business for decades. The SYM factory that produces Lance scooters manufactures the highest quality motorcycles and scooters throughout the world today.


         At a very competitive price starting at just $1999…. The Lance brand is the STANDARD for quality, reliability, and prestige. For just a few hundred dollars more than the low quality cheap Chinese made scooters, this scooter is great value, quality, and style combined. Lance scooters are carried by some of the largest and most highly regarded Vespa, Piaggio, and Honda dealerships throughout the United States. It is a bonafide and respected brand in the scooter industry by both consumers, dealers, and other national distributors.

        In a time of so many fly-by-night Chinese scooter brands, we are proud to offer only the best and trusted scooters to our customers. Every scooter sitting on our dealership floor is a model that you can trust and depend on for reliable transportation and headache and hassle free commuting. Start saving gas and money today!



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