Lakewood / Long Beach Scooters is a small scooter dealership owned and operated by scooter riders. Our staff is focused on giving great service and offering only the best scooter brands at affordable prices. We refuse to sell poor quality and unreliable Chinese scooter brands so commonly sold on the market today. We DO NOT sell any Znen or bottom tier scooter brands such as Puma, SSR, Sunny, and others due to their quality control problems and frequent mechanical and electrical problems.

       Our local scooter shop is located right in the hub of the Lakewood / Bellflower/ Long Beach area in a part of Southern California that is very rich with history, tradition, and culture. Our Lakewood and Long Beach area scooter store is here to serve our surrounding community and neighbors by providing fun and affordable transportation for all types of driving.

      If you, like so many people are starting to see more and more scooters on the road…. Then you are not alone. More Americans than ever are starting to ride scooters and reap the great benefits of scooting. Scooters are fashionable, affordable, and simply fun. And best of all, a scooter just about pays for itself in the gas savings and benefits you get by riding a scooter.

       We hope you get a chance to stop in and visit our small shop. We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you into a fun new way of life.


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